WildBlue Email Access
Your Google email account has been migrated.


Starting July 20, 2015 we will begin moving all wildblue.net email accounts off of the Google email platform to our new platform for email services — Zimbra. Google is ending its support of Gmail and Google Apps services for internet providers.

After the transition, you will notice a new look and feel to your inbox. Your email address, login and password will remain the same, and all of your email messages, contacts and calendar will be migrated to the new service platform without action from you.

To stay updated on the latest news about our email service transition, visit www.exede.com/email.

Visit our Help Center to learn about your new email services powered by Zimbra.


If your WildBlue.net email account is connected to any of the other services offered by Google (such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Voice, etc.), you must use Google Takeout to preserve this data through Google by July 20, 2015.

To determine if you are using any of these services, visit Google Dashboard. Google offers a service called Google Takeout for saving your documents and data if you are using any of these Google services.

For more information on how to use Google Takeout visit Google Support, or click here to read our step-by-step instructions. We recommend every customer backup their data, no matter what services you use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do not need to save your email information with this service, as it will cause you to unnecessarily use more data when you download the content. As part of the email migration, we will move all of your email information without any data effects on your account.

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Our newly expanded Help Center is the place to go for just about anything you need to know about Exede Internet or WildBlue service. With a greatly enhanced search function and much easier to use interface, chances are the new Knowledge Base has all your answers.

The Exede/WildBlue Community is another resource you can use to ask questions, get help and see what others are saying about our services.

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WildBlue dish is small and similar to a satellite TV dishWildBlue provides high-speed access to the Internet, much faster than dial-up access. A whole new world of content will open up to you! WildBlue was developed specifically for rural customers, and it's available throughout the continental U.S. in most areas.

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